Where We Pay Close Attention:
Ignition Technology.

multitorch is a leading spark plug specialist. We do not set any limits for ourselves, whether it is in the choice of materials or in manufacturing. For prototypes, small volume, and large scale production alike, we manufacture the optimal product for your application.

Our process starts with the simulation-based construction and design of pre-chamber ignition systems, and continues through in-house production and analysis and the documentation of finished products. We manufacture spark plugs in sizes M7 through M28. Each design is especially adapted to, developed and validated for our customers’ specific needs. Our extensive portfolio also includes highly specialized measuring spark plugs, e.g. to determine pressure in the pre-chamber or spark plug temperature. We also help our customers with the technical design of the pre-chamber and its specific purpose as a combustion enhancer.

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How it works:
Principle and advantages of pre-chamber ignition.

  • Increased ignition power with torch jets
  • Separation of the ignition and combustion process in the
    main combustion chamber
  • Safe ignition of the gas-air mixture even with very
    lean engine operation
  • Reduced cyclical fluctuations in the
    combustion process
  • Increased efficiency combined with low
    pollutant emissions
  • Improved lifespan – adapted to the
    engine’s maintenance intervals
  • Faster combustion
Measuring room and X-ray facility

How We Support You:
Development, Production, Measurement Campaigns.

Are you developing an engine with pre-chamber ignition?
Would you like support in implementing your ideas?
In multitorch you will find the ideal partner for this.

For the development and production of pre-chamber spark plugs, spark plugs and pre-chambers, you can easily access our comprehensive expertise. We are happy to give you detailed advice, and we can help you with design or implementation, from prototype to volume manufacturing. We have many in-house methods available to analyze spark plugs during or after testing – X-rays, computer tomography, REM, EDX, endoscopy and microscopy, hardness tests, functional tests, coordinate measurement technology and much more. We also provide expert support for your measurement campaigns.

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