Our Specialty:
Brilliant Ideas for Gas Engines.

Our extensive experience with gas engines having a displacement of 0.5 to 30 l is shaped by the idea that efficiency comes from optimizing our use of resources.

multitorch pre-chamber spark plugs act as an ignition power booster in a gas engine. They facilitate lean operation, which reduces emissions and significantly increases efficiency. multitorch pre-chamber spark plugs have an enormous impact on combustion, and they are customized for each respective engine. We work closely with engine manufacturers during the development, application, and validation process, and we provide our customers with extensive support according to their needs.

multitorch offers great flexibility in terms of pre-chamber geometry and volume, the design of the jets, the materials used for the electrodes, housing, the pre-chamber, the electrode shape and spark plug connection. Our highly trained employees and state of the art manufacturing technology ensure that the highest quality standards are met. We are very flexible on quantity, too – we offer everything from single prototypes to large scale production with automated manufacturing facilities.


How we Stay Ahead of the Field:
Optimizing Performance in Every Detail.

We play an important role in the success of teams in many racing series. Our motorsport customers have benefited from this specialized expertise for many years.

Our products significantly improve the engine combustion process. Improvements we can make to the engine include replacing the conventional spark plug with a pre-chamber spark plug and modifying the cylinder head by installing a pre-chamber. Our expertise includes choosing and combining a wide range of materials as well as using the latest welding techniques. The production process is supported by trained employees and a modern infrastructure. Our constantly growing machine park for production and analysis guarantees the very best quality. Our motorsport customers count on us and value our commitment to moving them forward.

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